Who We Are

Razor Sharp Minds Foundation is committed to supporting and funding scientific research and clinical practice efforts dedicated to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  Razor Sharp Minds focuses on regional efforts to find a cure, including research and clinical practice efforts that support and encourage important aspects of life affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. MCW

We are especially proud to partner with the Dementia Research Center of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

We understand that, while significant scientific discoveries and advances have been made, the adverse effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia on our daily lives is palpable. Whether it is a close family member, friend, or acquaintance, it seems everyone knows someone who has suffered or is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or some form of dementia.

To this end, we seek to educate the public about the how healthy lifestyle habits can counteract, or at least delay, the onset of dementia. Razor Sharp Minds supports and encourages many important aspects of life affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, including development of improved therapies for those living with the disease, endeavors related to educating the public about Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, and the benefits a healthy lifestyle has on the mind.

Through our advocacy and educational programs and events, and via information accessible on our LINKS page, we will keep you informed about what is being done in the fight against Alzheimer’s and what you can do to make consequential impact on the health of your mind now and later in life.