Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Aaron Nodolf – President | Treasurer
Aaron founded Razor Sharp Minds in 2009 to honor his father-in-law and to establish an organization that supports direct, scientific research into Alzheimer’s disease while also educating people about its devastating impact and how healthy lifestyles can offset or possibly even prevent onset of this terrible disease. While a cure may be a long way off, significant advances against Alzheimer’s have been made and a big reason is the research being conducted by internationally-known Alzheimer’s disease research centers in our own backyard at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Mayo Clinic.

Aaron is a graduate of the Marquette University Law School and works at Michael Best as an intellectual property attorney. Aaron enjoys running, spending time with family, traveling, participating in all kinds of sports, and woodworking.

Whitney Vallier – Vice President 
Whitney is devoted to Razor Sharp Minds due to numerous loved ones having been affected by Alzheimer’s. Whitney is inspired by the Foundation’s mission to fund local and regional research, cure, and prevention efforts, as well as its mission to educate the public as to how nutrition and exercise, especially cardiovascular activities like running and walking, can help reduce or prolong the onset of the effects of these terrible diseases. Never before one to call herself a runner, the Foundation’s Fall Classic Run motivated her to first walk/jog a 5k, the following year to run the entire 5k with her eldest son, and then the following year, to run a 1/2 marathon—all with numerous steps and miles devoted to her affected family members, and all folks affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Whitney is a cum laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School and is Associate Regional Counsel – North America at Voith Holding Inc. She has two sons, and enjoys family, friends, traveling, sports, festivals, and music.

Matt Thull – Secretary
Matt is a professional runner and coach at Thunderdome Running. He has over 25 years of running & coaching experience, and is an asset in managing foundation fundraisers. He has a wealth of coaching experience at the high school, college, and professional levels. Matt joined Aaron in starting Razor Sharp Minds in 2009 and continues to help the foundation grow and deliver on its mission.

Matt is a graduate of the University of Oshkosh and coaches all levels of runners through Thunderdome Running. Matt still trains hard, often logging 100 mile weeks. When he is not running or coaching, he enjoys time with family and the Summer festival season.

Heather Weber

Kyle Weber

Trae Hoepner – Vice President, Emeritus